Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carlton Cards Wicked Ornament

Ornament plays 30 seconds of Defying Gravity as sung by original Broadway Elphaba Idina Menzel. The Wicked ornament will be available in American Greetings stores at the end of August for the SRP of $27.50 or you can pre-order from Long Island Treasures.
Long Island Treasures is selling the ornament at a 20% discount. Shipping is yet to be determined based on size and weight of the ornament but is expected to be around $5.65.

***Pre-orders with Long Island Treasures will be accepted at the end of May. No definite order date as of yet. Orders before approved date will be deleted. Please keep watching Long Island Treasures or The Curiozity Corner for updated information***

Photo Courtesy

Thanks to Karen Owens for the heads up!