Monday, August 30, 2010

Shedding Light on Emerald City Pt. 2

"You’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark, you’re out of the night, step into the sun, step into the light……"

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City begins our adventure through the land of Oz with Thomas Kinkade. Dorothy is the first of 8 pieces “celebrating great moments from the classic film.” The focal point is one of the most memorable moments in cinematic history, the first glimpse of the awesome Emerald City. The grand sight beckons the weary travelers to forge onward. Bolstered by the magnificence before them, Dorothy and friends are aglow with renewed hope and camaraderie. Even little Toto shares in the moment while keeping a wary eye on the Wicked Witch lurking nearby. Malevolence emits from the Witch who won’t rest until the ruby slippers are in her grasp. In the distance her henchmen stand by, ready to do her bidding.

This piece captures the spirit of the film, yet is irrefutably a work of Thomas Kinkade. The painting bears many of the Kinkade hallmarks such as the hidden elements, gentle hues, the soft light over the horizon, the double rainbows that arch over the spires of Emerald City, portraying the key elements from the whole film in one image, and his signature flora and fauna that line the yellow brick road. The scene is perfectly illustrated with the wonder and peril that lie ahead.

With the release of last year’s 70th anniversary DVD and Blu Rays, The Wizard of Oz was restored to its original glory. It’s hard to imagine the Wizard of Oz could be more luminous, yet under Thomas Kinkade’s hand the yellow brick road and Emerald City shine brighter and “prettier than ever!” His use of light and color beautifies Oz beyond MGM’s imaginings. The dazzling palate he’s chosen would surely make Technicolor envious!

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City is the most stunning rendition of Oz yet. Please join us on this thrilling new venture as we explore the breathtaking visions of Oz through the eyes of Thomas Kinkade.

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Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City

The Wizard of Oz™ I
By Thomas Kinkade

"Like most children of my era I was intrigued by The Wizard of Oz during its annual presentation on our TV screen. This adventure provided the ultimate daydream for a young artist whose imagination yearned to “follow the Yellow Brick Road”.

To recreate my passion for Oz in visual form, I utilized my imagination to journey beyond what had been created for the original movie. As is the case with my Disney paintings, each Oz painting will be an attempt to capture the essence of the entire movie in a single emotionally charged image. In the first Oz painting we see Dorothy and friends as they view the fabled Emerald City for the first time. The familiar cast of characters is here – Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow -- as well as the Wicked Witch of the West, scary Winged Monkeys, and of course the Munchkins. We can even see Glinda the Good Witch floating in her transparent sphere of light, as though to bless the journey of the travelers.

I envision this painting as the first piece in what I will refer to as the “Oz Octet”, a collection of eight epic paintings intended to celebrate great moments from this classic film. The eight paintings in this collection will present a monumental challenge to my abilities as a story teller and picture maker. Yet like my Disney collection, I expect this collection to flourish as collectors discover that each painting builds upon the next. Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City is a panorama of the great places from the film. Though while watching the movie none of us can be entirely sure where the Wicked Witch’s Castle is located in relation to the Emerald City, I have placed it distinctly in the foreground suggesting a barren land that must be traversed to encounter the delights beyond. Like The Wizard of Oz film, my painting presents the raw emotions of myth and daydream as they collide with wondrous imagination.

For those collectors who are ready to engage my Oz collection, rest assured that Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City is the starting point of an epic adventure in a land “over the rainbow”. – Thomas Kinkade

Key Points

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City
is the first work of what will become Thom’s “Oz Octet”.

Thom utilized his imagination to journey beyond the imagery of the original film and recreated how Oz might have appeared employing modern special effects.

In the painting, you’ll notice that Toto is the only character that reacts to the Wicked Witch, as the others are distracted by the awing influence of the Emerald City as they view it for the first time.

Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City
, as with Thom’s Disney collection, attempts to capture the quintessence of the complete film in one panoramic image.

Look closely along the Yellow Brick Road, to find the Apple Tree that said “Ouch”, when Dorothy tried to pick an apple off of it.

Look even closer to find a hidden toucan in the tree that the Wicked Witch of the West is hiding behind.

Thom has hidden 88 dedication hearts to embrace the love of his mother Mary Anne who celebrated her 88th birthday this year.

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