Monday, September 13, 2010

29th Indiana Wizard of Oz Festival

Many a moon has waxed and waned since I've been to the festival, but judging from others' experiences the fun has never changed. Lots of ozzy activities to choose from and so many craft and food booths down the main streets to browse. One of my very favorite festival souvenirs is a clay Dorothy ornament made by Finegan and O'Brien Ltd. In recent years they have made Winkie Guards, flying monkeys, and Elphaba & Glinda from Wicked.

One of the highlights of the fest is the Collectors' Exchange and Auction. Lots of happy Oz folks coming out from that event. People have made some amazing finds there and sometimes bidding can get a little fierce yet good natured. There's an outstanding list of donors this year: San Francisco Music Box, Tarina Tarantino, Vandor, Warner Brothers, Lenox, Mattel, Hallmark, Madame Alexander, Wilde Imagination, Accutime, Northwest, Ata-Boy, Film Cels Ltd, Fundex, John the Egg Man, the International Wizard of Oz Club, Goodreau Dolls, Wendy Gell, the Everything Oz Club, Storyland Collectables, Dianne Breitenstein, Andrea & Harris Yussman, Paul Wagner, Barb Huddleson and Debbi Dwyer. Munchkin donations from Margaret Pellegrini, Karl Slover, Myrna Swensen on behalf of husband Clarence Swensen, Mary Ellen St. Aubin on behalf of husband Parnell St. Aubin, and Meinhardt Raabe donation by friend and caregiver Cindy Bosnyak.

Photos below are examples of what you may find at the Auction:

Festival Celebrities will attend the Exchange/Auction. A great time to catch everyone in one place! Rick Ewigleben will have his whimsical Oz art. A new piece will debut at the Festival opening ceremonies Friday evening. Shown below is his charming art of Judy Garland and her stand-in Caren Marsh-Doll. Caren has written two autobiographies that are absolutely fascinating. To learn more about Caren please see and to see more of Rick's Oz art please see

Michael Siewert will be there with a display of some of the ultimate movie memorabilia, costumes worn by Judy Garland.

The Everything Oz Club really takes part in
everything Oz! Last year they took home an award from the parade and they regularly donate to the Auction and volunteer wherever needed. They are a lively bunch and they have their own festival within a festival. A very special guest will be at the International Oz Club booth #23 near the corner of Broadway and Calumet. Kimberly Perata from the Thomas Kinkade Gallery of Napa Valley will be on hand with Thomas Kinkade's gorgeous new art Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City. Please see the next post for more info and scroll down to read my Thomas Kinkade posts. Now to wait for all of the after fest commentary so I can live vicariously......