Monday, October 11, 2010

New Thomas Kinkade Display Options and Gallery Event

One of the best things about Thomas Kinkade is the variety offered to suit many display styles. For those that want a more contemporary look or if you choose to focus on a particular character, there are now vertical vignettes which can be purchased as a set or separately. Another modern look can be found with the canvas wrap. See the various editions of Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City here.

When a highly anticipated piece is introduced galleries are encouraged to host events introducing the new art to collectors and the general public. The Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, managed by Laura Kinkade, had a ball celebrating the first release in the Wizard of Oz collection. At least 150 attendees were on hand to view and purchase Dorothy Discovers the Emerald City. Laura and staff really put their hearts and imaginations into promoting Oz.

Guests walked through an archway of rainbow colored balloons and followed the yellow brick road straight to the painting.

The yellow brick road was made of very durable yellow duct tape. A life size standee of the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion greeted visitors for a photo op.

A pair of ruby slippers on striped stocking feet stuck out from under a cabinet. Laura made the ruby slippers by painting an old pair of shoes red, coating them in spray adhesive, and then applying red glitter. Menacing flying monkeys flew above the painting.

A crystal ball was on display surrounded by tantalizing treats. Laura and staff donned Oz attire and they were pleasantly surprised when a frequent customer came dressed in full Cowardly Lion regalia. The Cowardly Lion handed out heart shaped lollipops to children in attendance.

Another Gallery regular brought her own little Dorothy.

Laura also displayed her culinary skills with an array of Oz inspired sweets. She made cookie lollipops shaped like candy lollipops & Glinda’s wand and ruby slipper cookies. She made three varieties of cupcakes. The yellow brick road was made of fondant and decorated with store bought sugar flowers. The beautiful poppies were made of gum paste and the character cupcakes were iced and the edges rolled in colored sugar. The witch hat’s were made with store bought cookies and Hershey’s kisses. Small lemon cakes from Costco were topped with ruby slipper book markers. The rainbow fruit tray was made up of raspberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and black grapes. Lastly, Laura found a recipe for Ruby Red punch. Vodka is, of course, optional. All great ideas to adapt for any Oz themed party or event.

Every attendee was given a door prize such as heart shaped tins with candy, hot air balloon day planners, Wizard of Oz books, and chocolate ruby slippers wrapped in red foil made by Laura. The door prizes were mixed with gifts from the Gallery.

Guests could choose a poppy with a color coded stem from a basket. The stem color determined the prizes which were divided into three categories. Green stem: Sorry, you’ve been captured by flying monkeys, but we have this gift to make you feel better.
Black stem: You’ve fallen asleep in the poppy fields, we’re hoping this prize will wake you up! Red stem: Congratulations! The Wizard will see you now because you’ve won the grand prize! Great care was taken to ensure no guest left empty handed. And of course, no Oz event would ever be complete without a continual loop of the film to add to the ozzy ambiance.

Thank you Thomas Kinkade Galleries for the warm welcome to Oz! Please see the Thomas Kinkade Gallery locator to learn more about events near you.

Photos courtesy of Laura Kinkade
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