Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dorothy of Oz by IDW Publishing

Wondercon attendees were given a glimpse into the new Dorothy of Oz film with the limited edition debut of a five part comic series by IDW Publishing. The comics serve as a prologue detailing events between the end of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the beginning of the Dorothy.

The movie is based on the first of many marvelous new adventures created by L. Frank Baum's great-grandson Roger Baum. Dorothy is about a malevolent jester wrecking havoc on the land of Oz and Dorothy & Toto must return to put an end to his misdeeds.

The movie won't be released until next year but you can follow the film's progress on the official Dorothy of Oz site and Facebook page.

Dorothy of Oz is also regularly discussed on the International Wizard of Oz Club Forum.

More information about forthcoming comics (and hopefully other merchandise!) will be posted here as it becomes available.