Sunday, April 03, 2011

Over the Rainbow Ginny

The Jersey Shore Doll Club celebrated The Wizard of Oz with their Over the Rainbow Luncheon November 7, 2010. Guest speaker Jerry Chadwick gave an informational talk about The Wizard of Oz and displayed some of her Oz collection. The Vogue Doll Company made the Over the Rainbow Ginny souvenir doll especially for the Jersey Shore Doll Club event. The Vogue Doll Company dates back to the 1920s, but Ginny made her official debut in 1948. She was sculpted by noted doll designer Bernard Lipfert who is best known to Oz fans for sculpting the 1939 Judy Garland as Dorothy doll for Ideal. Despite many ups and downs and the current trend of high end fashion dolls, Ginny has withstood the test of time and she is still a much beloved doll today. Ginny stands at 8 inches. Her costume is similar to the frock designed in 1938. Her dark brown hair isn't exactly like Judy Garland's but it is braided in typical Dorothy fashion. She comes with a black plush dog. Only 100 dolls were made and at $40.00 (plus shipping), Over the Rainbow Ginny is an inexpensive quality doll that would make a darling addition to any Oz or doll collection. Please contact Jersey Shore Doll Club president Rachel Martirano at to order.