Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Artwork Teaser from Jersey Jack Pinball

Today, Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. is happy to release this little teaser image of the Wizard of Oz backglass design. This design is arranged to encapsulate the basic essence of the Wizard of Oz film, capturing the happy and darker threads that this film is weaved with.

Although you are only seeing a rough black and white image, the full-color, final version will carry all the colors of this beautiful film in one glance.

Artist Jerry VanderStelt comments, "The cabinet sides, backbox sides, front coin door panel, backglass art and backbox glass insert are seven different works of art and will complete the story-telling treatment I have in mind for the entire exterior art package, but for now, enjoy this first glimpse into the backglass design of Jersey Jack's very own, "The Wizard of Oz" pinball machine!"

The artwork that is traditionally static as a backglass image will be displayed on a 26" commercial LCD monitor in the backbox. Certain treatments of that artwork will be shown at different times and in different ways on the LCD and this will enhance the attract mode of the game.

Jerry is creating these seven different works by hand painting each on canvas. Each piece could require 3-5 weeks to complete.

Jack said "If you know any of Jerry's works, you better be ready to see an awesome finished art package like none ever produced for a pinball machine before. When this takes life through color and depth, everyone will be blown away".

To ensure the brightness, intensity and detail that Jerry is famous for, all cabinet artwork will be printed using UV ink on the highest grade of adhesive backed vinyl and then applied to the cabinets.

To learn more about Jerry VanderStelt and view examples of his art, including his work in the pinball field, search the Internet Pinball Database ( or visit his official website at

Please enlarge photo for detail
Photo courtesy Jersey Jack