Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Special Curiozity Announcement

Dear Readers,

Things have certainly changed since I started blogging 5 years ago.   The Oz world is expanding quickly and I do my best to try and keep up. There are man Oz projects and anniversaries on the horizon.  So, in anticipation of an Oz explosion, I felt it was time to do a little expanding of  my own.  The Curiozity Corner will now shift focus to licensed merchandise based on the 1939 film.  The new blog, Curiozities By The Book, will feature collectibles inspired by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and other assorted wizarabilia.  Also, the Curiozity Corner will be undergoing a much needed aesthetic overhaul.  Thank you so much for your past support.  These last five years have been fulfilling and fun!  I hope you'll join me for many more.