Thursday, July 07, 2011

R. John Wright Reveals Wicked Witch and Dorothy Production Photos

Really incredible, awe inspiring detail for the felt medium! 

She stands 17" tall and is fully jointed at the shoulders, hip, and neck with the R. John Wright ball & socket jointing system.  Her felt hands are individually sewn fingers with applied fingers.  She has a mohair wig styled exactly as it was in the film.  Each face has meticulously hand painted features. 

As you can see, R. John Wright takes great pains to ensure the authenticity of each character. Only 250 dolls will be made.   She is priced at $1575.00.   Please see this link for more information. 

There's a lengthy article about R. John Wright's dolls with a photo of  Dorothy and a sculpt of the Wicked Witch in the August 2011 issue of Dolls Magazine.

Be sure to check out the production photos of Dorothy for a glimpse of the painstaking effort that goes into R. John Wright's creations.