Sunday, October 02, 2011

Closer look at Alexander's 2011 Witches

Madame Alexander outdoes themselves year after year and they never cease to amaze me.  Their 2011 line has produced some of their best Oz dolls yet.  The Wicked Witch and Glinda are exquisite and no photos can do them justice.  They are SO much more beautiful in person. If their outfits could be replicated for adults, they'd be amazing Halloween costumes!! 
Magic Bubble Glinda's bodice and sleeves are pink satin embellished with a lavender sequined and beaded butterfly and embroidered lavender butterflies.  Glinda's organza skirt is decorated with faux pearls, pink stones, and embroidered bubbles.  The two layered tulle underskirt is covered with silver glittered dots.  She's wearing shimmering pantyhose with pink and gold shoes.  She comes with an embroidered organza gown embellished with faux diamonds and of course she has a metallic wand.  Glinda has the Cisette face and stands at 10". 

More photos can be seen here.  The only minor complaints I really have about Glinda is the plastic used for her crown.  I think the plastic detracts from the appearance.   And she can't hold her wand.  Hopefully, Madame Alexander can work out some finger joints so dolls can grip their accessories.  That said, they do come with ribbon to tie on wands and brooms, in the case of the Wicked Witch of the West.
The Haunted Forest Wicked Witch of the West is one of my favorite witches.   I love the colors used on this doll, feminine yet still wicked!  She's more detailed than a lot of cameras can pick up.  Her dress is black satin with a velveteen bodice tied with fuchsia ribbon.  Her skirt is embroidered with fuchsia trees and flying crows. (I have to assume they are crows for what other birds would be flying around a haunted forest and that would be a neat albeit probably unintentional tie in to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). She has a two layered short tulle black petticoat and black striped stockings.  Her hat is embroidered with a fuchsia winged monkey and a sheer fuchsia ribbon hangs down the back.  The underside of the brim is striped with shiny green and gold.  Black lace up boots complete her look.  She comes with a broom accented by a fuchsia ribbon.  Again, my only minor complaint is that she can't grip her broom. The Wicked Witch also has the Cisette face and stands at 10".  More Witch photos can be seen here.