Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jersey Jack Catch Up and Color Art

We're Off to See the Wizard sound clip: 

Emerald City Wizard of Oz Limited Edition Pinball details:

Limited to 1,000 units
Each game will have a numbered plaque affixed to the game, on the front of the cabinet - # of 1,000 etc....

Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by the Design Team

Body armor is in the Emerald Green/Black special finish that Matt has chosen with Jerry. The four legs, side rails, hinges, lockdown bar.
Emerald Green Mirror effect backglass framing a commercial 26" Wells Gardner LCD monitor which will display scores, animation, movie clips, attract mode, backglass artwork and more.
Optical non-reflective playfield glass.
Interactive Emerald City Limited Edition Topper
Shaker Motor
The game includes:
Hand drawn playfield, plastic set, decal set by artist Greg Freres. Four major mechanical toys; Dorothy's Spinning House, the Witch's Castle, Flying Monkey, Melting Witch.
Two mini playfields, three Trumper-Bumpers, one Balloon Bumper, Two magnets, One Spinning target, Crystal Ball, Rollover targets, Winkie Guard drop target, Five Bally/Williams Flippers which include Two Ruby Red Slipper Flippers. (Standard Flipper Bats Available by Request)
Full color cabinet and backbox artwork created by artist Jerry VanderStelt will be screened on the highest grade adhesive backed vinyl and printed with UV stabilized inks.
Digital Stereo sound system which will boom the music and effects created by SoundMaster, Chris Granner. Front of game audio connection jack for headphone/ear bud. Component audio connection jack at rear of game.
Bally / Williams Parts
One Year Warranty
Oh, by the way.......the Wizard of Oz is a Wide Body Game! It is the same dimensionally as a Twilight Zone.

The only way to pack all of the features and elements that the Design Team wanted to incorporate in this game was to make it a wide body game. As we all know, the size of the back box is the same for a standard or wide body Williams game so it takes up the same footprint in either model.

The best thing is that we get more room to create and you get more room to play pinball! Of the top most popular pinball machines of all-time, three are wide body games. The last wide body to be built was in 1995 with Road Show.

Jack was asked now and then these past months if the game would be a wide body and he said "I just started a pinball company. If you think I would do a wide body as our first game, you must also think I'm crazy!" Now we know.

For all of our loyal customers who have joined us on the Yellow Brick Road, we appreciate your trust and confidence in us. It is because of you that we are able to create this game and propel pinball into the next age, growing a bigger player base that will love and treasure pinball as much as we do for generations to come.

Wide Body Definition per Internet Pinball Database

First playfield video! Music used here is not for the game just for background. 

Matt gets to show off his latest approved version of his Trumper Bumper Trees and the State Fair Balloon which is at the lower left of the playfield.

The 1,000 Emerald City Limited Edition WOZ games have all been allocated amongst our distributors. Soon, we will have details on the Wizard of Oz Pinball and how it is different from the Emerald City Edition. Those will be available for purchase starting on 10/10 for $6500.00 with just a $250.00 deposit and the first 1,000 games will be numbered. Available numbers start at #26.

October 10th

This week we reveal for the first time the complete full color cabinet artwork for our Wizard of Oz Pinball machine.

Next week we will release the full color backbox images along with the revised color image that will be displayed on the LCD - our "backglass" artwork.

Artist Jerry VanderStelt was commissioned to do seven different works that comprise the game, backbox, cabinet, backglass . The backglass art will be displayed on our 26" LCD.

The artwork that Jerry created tells the story of the beloved movie as it starts on the left side of the cabinet body front and works its way around the cabinet and backbox from back to the front right side of the cabinet.

"Well, Oz has always captivated me by the magical qualities in which the film was created from the musical themes, the acting and the beautifully whimsical backdrops. Oz has a dream-like mood to the film and my job was to try and convey that same mood in the cabinet art package."

Jerry continues: "Much of the design arrangement was based upon childhood memories of how The Wizard of Oz film affected me then. Hopefully these designs will fertilize the imaginations and recollections of both the young and old among us."

Our Design Team is on the tenth revision of the playfield and have ordered up the second version whitewood which they will be building soon. Next week we have some announcements about people joining the company and an update on game production.

We are also planning for our time at Pinball Expo and we thank Rob and Mike for all of their hospitality and promotion of JJP in advance.

We leave you with an appropriate quote from Christopher Columbus:

"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination."

Happy Columbus Day & Happy Birthday to Jack!

Be sure to check out Jersey Jack on Facebook.  It looks like the JJ crew had a blast at the Chesterton Wizard of Oz festival and you'll get a sneak peek of the backglass art.  

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