Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Classic Movie Collection

With Jim Shore's ever growing popularity and the approach of the 75th anniversary of the beloved film classic, this collection is going to be in high demand.  The initial release is 11 pieces with more to follow.  Each figurine is made of meticulously detailed stone resin accented with jewels, glitter, and Jim Shore's magnificent palette.

Someday We'll Be Over the Rainbow     
SRP:  $45.00
Measures  5.75" H x 3.75" L

Long before DOROTHY tm ever touched foot in Oz she dreamed of a far off place where the dreams you dare to dream really do come true. Jim stays true to the sepia toned opening sequence of the film.

There's No Place Like Home  
SRP:  $75.00
Measures  9" H x  7.87" L

I Keep Forgetting I'm Not in Kansas  
SRP:  $50.00
Measures  5.87" H  x 3.75" L

DOROTHY tm and her little dog TOTO tm take in the other wordly sights of Munchkinland. Plussing details include red glitter on the magical RUBY SLIPPERS.

 SRP: $45.00
Measures   8" H x  5" L

Wilin' away the hours and conferrin' with the flowers and consultin' with the rain...this SCARECROW tm has only one wish... if he could only have a brain.

I'm a Perfect 'Tin'   
SRP: $45.00
Measures  8.25" H  x 3.125" L

He is empty as a kettle and should be on his mettle and yet he's torn apart...all this TIN MAN tm really wants is a heart.

I Better Wait For You Outside   
SRP:  $45.00
Measures   7.87" H x 3" L
There's no denyin' he's just a dandylion because he hasn't got the nerve. 

WeWelcome You to Munchkinland  
Mayor of Munchkinland
SRP:  $35.00
Measures  5.375" H x 3.125" L

The Lollipop Guild        
 SRP:  $60.00
Measures   4.625" H  x 4.87" L

The Lullaby League 
SRP:  $60.00
Measures    5.5" H x  5.625" L

I'll Get You My Pretty  
SRP:  $55.00
Measures   7.62" H x  7.875" L

The vengeful WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST tm soars off into the moonless night for a little skywriting to convince DOROTHY tm to surrender her magical RUBY SLIPPERS tm.

Surrender Dorothy
 SRP:  $150.00
Measures  8.5" H  x 8.25" L

The WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST tm and her flying monkey ward survey the kingdom for the magical RUBY SLIPPERS tm. This spectacular sculpture is complete with an 80 ml glass waterball.

Photos Courtesy of Enesco
Due to arrive to retailers mid-November.  Preorders being accepted now at Storyland Collectables.