Monday, November 19, 2012

Hallmark Gift Line 2013

Wizard of Oz Frame      $14.95
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Tile     $19.95
Ruby Slipper Wine Bottle Holder     $29.95
Ruby Slipper Water Globe        $24.95

Perpetual Calendar       $29.99
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Music Box      $29.95
Looking for my Heart's Desire Tile       $14.95
Personality Mugs     $9.95 each

No Place Like Home Platter          $19.95
No Place Like Home Framed Print          $24.95
Dorothy and Friends Silhouette          $19.95
Toto Silhouette          $14.95
A Heart is Not Judged Tile       $14.95
Photos Courtesy Hallmark
Special thanks to Louis Berrillo for the heads up!