Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hallmark Valentines 2013

Two new beautiful cards this year.  Very nicely detailed!!   These are Hallmark Signature cards and will be in that section which may or may not be close to the regular Valentines.  

Please don't be alarmed by my horrible photography.  I'll try to get better photos up but in the meantime you'll have an idea what you are looking for.

The Ruby Slippers Card
glittery and jeweled ruby slippers on the white cover with the embossed words 'there's no one like you' swirling around them.  Inside reads: 'Happy Valentine's Day, my pretty!' 

Tin Man Valentine
Shiny silver Tin Man adorned with sequined red puffy heart
Inside reads: 'There's nothing more to ask for not that I've found you. Happy Valentine's Day'