Thursday, October 03, 2013

Round 2's Wizard of Oz Toys and Model Sneak Peek

Round 2 is set to debut their Wizard of Oz line via their Forever Fun and Polar Lights brands.   Shown below are the adorable charming toys and forthcoming Wicked Witch of the West model which will be available sometime next year.  The model is in the early stages but looks impressive nonetheless and Round 2 has generously granted The Curiozity Corner an exclusive first look. 

The clip on figures, push puppets, wooden pull toys and vinyl banks shown above will be released at Kmart with their Christmas merchandise.   Some stores may set up early depending on store space and Halloween sales.  As Halloween clears out, the Christmas fare will start to be set up.  Stock should be in around the first of November.

The clip ons above will be at Lowe's.  Check with your local stores or watch their website to see if stock is near you.    Search for Wizard of Oz.

Meijer will also have Wizard of Oz push puppets. 


The Wicked Witch of the West model is expected to drop the first quarter of 2014.  More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  Several hobby shops online are taking pre-orders now. 
Please watch Forever Fun's Blog and Facebook page for updates
Thank you to Round 2 for the exclusive access. And thank you for celebrating the 75th anniversary with us!!! Photos and information courtesy Round 2.