Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jersey Jack Pinball 75th Anniversary Edition

In response to the showing of the two prototype 75th Anniversary Games in California this September, the interest at the JJP Fireside Chat at Expo and since then, we have decided to build 1,500 of them for production beginning in early Summer 2014. This is AFTER all the remaining LE's and Standards previously ordered have been shipped. This game comes with 4 custom toys/playfield additions, beautiful red treatments, a shaker motor, a new topper, and will be numbered.
  The price of the game is $9000 and there is an option to add Invisiglass for an extra $250. 

To place an order for a game, a $2500 deposit is required. After the $2500 deposit is received, the balance is not due until 30 days prior to shipment of your specific game.    

We doubt there will be many as who want to wait longer but we are allowing those people who have not yet received their LE or Standard yet to switch their game to a 75th game if they want to at an additional cost. These people who choose to switch will be the very first people to receive the 75th Anniversary game once shipping begins. This is only fair as they have already been waiting for their LE/Standard to be shipped.

If you would like information on switching to a 75th Edition, please contact your distributor.

If you choose not to switch, then nothing at all will change. You will remain in the queue at your current price with your current game. All game rules and play features are exactly the same between game versions. Nothing changes there.

Aside from those who choose to switch to a 75th as they will receive their game first, games will be shipped in the order in which deposits are received. First to pay = first to play.

We will make the extra toys and topper on the 75th Anniversary game available for purchase by anyone in 2014 as we start to run the game. This way the people who have purchased their games have an opportunity to buy those items for their games if they want them.

There was no plan to make this game until a couple of weeks ago. The timing of this announcement is important as we were required to reveal any 75th Anniversary Product by a deadline for marketing purposes.

As always, Thank you all for your continued support in JJP!  

Photo Credit: Martin Ayub of Pinball News
Left to Right: Top Row - Joe Balcer, JP DeWin, Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Keith Johnson, Bryan Hansen
Bottom Row: Butch Peel, Eric Meunier, Jack Guarnieri, Not Pictured - Jim Thornton

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