Monday, June 09, 2014

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz 2014 Fall Intros

WOW!!!!  Fabulous set of releases from Jim Shore!!!!!!!!!!! 
Coming in November!!!!

Dorothy Clicking Heels
SRP: $50.00
Dorothy takes a moment to close her eyes, click her ruby red slippers and remind us all there is no place like home. Designed by Jim Shore.

Scarecrow With Diploma
SRP: $50.00
Inspired by the final sequence from THE WIZARD OF OZ, Jim Shore designs a brilliant SCARECROW, complete with diploma showcasing his newly found wisdom.

Tin Man With Heart Clock
SRP: $50.00
Inspired by the final sequence in THE WIZARD OF OZ, Jim Shore designs a newly spruced up TIN MAN, complete with his ticking heart which allows him to feel love and be loved.

Cowardly Lion With Medal Of Courage
SRP: $ 50.00
Inspired by the ending sequence of the THE WIZARD OF OZ, Jim Shore designs a not-so-cowardly Lion... and he has a medal of courage to prove it!

The Wicked Witch Of The West
SRP: $55.00
This dramatic WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST is the latest from THE WIZARD OF OZ by Jim Shore. Her majestic castle and swarm of flying monkeys can be seen on her stunning gown. You can almost hear her say, I'll get you my pretty!

Dorothy In The Poppyfield 100MM Globe
SRP: $50.00
Dorothy magically awakes in the field of poppies with a little help from Glinda's flurry of snow. Shake the water ball and relive this memorable moment from the classic THE WIZARD OF OZ.

The Wizard of Oz Scene
SRP: $100.00
DOROTHY, THE SCARECROW, TIN MAN, COWARDLY LION and little TOTO too are all here in one magnificent sculpt featuring the beloved characters of THE WIZARD OF OZ.