Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gloria Duchin Keepsakes Wizard of Oz Ornaments

Gloria Duchin designs and makes metal ornaments, jewelry, and key rings in the United States.   Gloria Duchin acknowledges dual anniversaries in 2014.  Proudly celebrating 35 years of quality keepsakes, Gloria Duchin also commemorates the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz with a line of beautiful three dimensional ornaments.  

Currently on available on the official Gloria Duchin Keepsakes website, the three ornaments will eventually be for sale on,,, and  They will also be sold in the Smithsonian Museum store.  They are made of lead and cadmium free genuine pewter.  On the longest side the bad witch and ruby slippers are 2.5" and Glinda is 3".   These three are the only ornament introductions for 2014, but there will be jewelry available soon. Stay tuned!!

$29.99 each plus shipping

Photos and Info Courtesy Gloria Duchin Keepsakes