Wednesday, March 02, 2016

10 PM Fashion Jewelry Review

**I must apologize in advance for the quality of my photos.  I couldn't capture the quality of the jewelry properly.**

10 PM Fashion recently introduced their Wizard of Oz collection with a soft launch  of four pieces.  It is very much like what you'd find in Hot Topic or Claires.  The jewelry is made predominately of zinc alloy and the necklaces measure 18 inches with 3 inch extenders. Additions to the line are planned and hopefully we'll be a getting a sneak peek soon.  In the interest of full disclosure I was sent the current offerings for review. 

I liked the Rainbow in a Bottle more than I thought I would.  Rainbow glitter is hard to resist and I love the little 'Over the Rainbow' charm accent.  Little thoughtful touches like that make jewelry special.  The rainbow is a symbol of hope that reminds us of our dreams as it did for Dorothy. The Rainbow in a Bottle would make a sweet gift for someone working toward a goal, struggling with personal issues or illness, or just plain having a bad day.  

The Tin Man Locket has a film accurate portrait on the front with the quote "Now I know I have a heart because it's breaking."  Lovely sentiment for a good bye gift. It has a magnet closure so it's easy to open and latch.  And again, I love the little extra touch with the gold toned heart accent.  

The Good Witch/Bad Witch Bracelets are perfect for people who don't like the clinking sound of metal bracelets. These would be wonderful to exchange among friends or to wear according to your mood.  

The Ruby Slippers Necklace is the best seller.  Tiny Ruby Slippers sit atop a yellow brick road in a glass dome which is reminiscent of the Wicked Witch's crystal ball or it looks like you have your own Smithsonian display!  The antique framing and the jeweled accents are really pretty. 

Any Oz collector especially one who loves jewelry would be be delighted to have any of these pieces plus they'd be great for cast members in plays, or for any occasion really. Easter is just around the corner. These would be darling additions to baskets for on the neck or wrist of a plush toy.  

Final verdict:  These are really cute, charming pieces that won't cause cash fatigue especially with the free shipping and the Curiozity Corner discount code for 15% off: curiozitycorner