Friday, October 07, 2016

10 PM Fashion Jewelry Additions with Curiozity Corner Discount Code

10 PM Fashion has added four wonderful new pieces to their Wizard of Oz collection.  I absolutely loved the first round of releases and I'm thrilled they are continuing.  I have these pieces in hand and will be adding actual product pictures later, but the photos 10 PM provided are marvelous and the jewelry is fabulous in person!!  10 PM Fashion jewelry is also very affordable especially with the 15% Curiozity Corner discount. And shipping is free within the United States. 

Ruby Red Slippers Charm Necklace

Ruby Red Slippers Earrings

Charm Bracelet with Ruby Slippers

Interchangeable Charm Necklace

Free Shipping in the United States
Order here:

For readers of the Curiozity Corner, 10 PM Fashion is again offering a 15% Discount    Enter code curiozitycorner and any Oz product in the shopping cart will be discounted.  

Thank You 10 PM Fashion for photos and discount to my readers!!!