Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Insight Editions Journal

Journals seem to be simple things really.  Pretty little bound books of paper waiting for ink to release inner thoughts.  But tended lovingly they can be family heirlooms, precious mementos of the most special time of our lives. Journals are so much more than pretty little books of bound blank paper.

Insight Editions picked a perfect time to release their beautiful Wizard of Oz journal.  The 80th anniversary is fast approaching and the journal is perfect for recording all of your ozzy adventures and collecting during this momentous event.  

There's been a lot of attention lately on the Land of Oz theme park in North Carolina.  Parents that take little ones should document the whole event for their little ones.  The children will thank them later.  

192 lined acid free pages

Beautiful green hardcover embossed with glittery Emerald City

Ribbon placeholder and elastic closure

7 1/2" by 4 1/2" back pocket for momentos

Insight Editions will have more Oz releases next year. Stay tuned!!

A big thank you to Insight Editions for the lovely journal!! Pictures do not do it justice

Monday, June 25, 2018

Wizard of Oz Clothing Updates


Online Exclusive

Available online and in stores
Boy Short Panty

Keep an eye on the Torrid website. They do have frequent sales.

Women's Nightgown
Sold on Amazon, Walmart.com, Zulily, search for Wizard of Oz Nightgown

Wizard of Oz Sublimated Socks

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Enesco Tails with Heart Wizard of Oz Mice

Coming in December!

It's very exciting to see Enesco with the license to produce Wizard of Oz merchandise again. Over the years Enesco product are big hits with collectors.  Looking forward to seeing what else may be planned.

First official 80th Anniversary product
Adorable mice figurines designed by Karen Hahn
Made of stone resin with crystal accents 
They should retail around $16 each

2.28 inches tall
With her signature ruby red slippers, Dorothy is ready to hit the yellow brick road

2.36 inches tall
The tiny mouse Scarecrow is in search of a tiny mouse brain

2.56 inches tall
With his silver funnel hat and ax,  the Tin Man continues his search for a heart

2.36 inches tall
You'll love this rendition of a mouse dressed as a lion, and not just any lion, a cowardly one

3.43 inches tall
She's mean. She's green and she never leaves home without her broomstick.  Look closely, the wicked witch mouse is all those things and more

2.56 inches tall
Pretty in pink and wisest of the them all - Glinda the Good Witch

Reserve your set now!  
Karen Owens taking pre-orders
Set of 6 $99.00