Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Trends International Wizard of Oz Pens, book marks, and Calendars

Trends International will be releasing calendars this July along with a new line of pens, bookmarks and a poster.  

Wall Calendar

Collector's Edition Calendar

Cracker Barrel Wizard of Oz Exclusive Record

Cracker Barrel released an exclusive red version of The Wizard of Oz soundtrack.  They are sold out online but if you visit your local Cracker Barrel, you  may be able to still pick it up there and if they have no stock they can check with other Cracker Barrels around the country to have it shipped to your local restaurant.   SRP: $24.99

Check out The Judy Room's page to see the pretty red vinyl. 

Wizard of Oz Train Ride Florida

The Wizard of Oz train ride continues it's successful journey around the country on June 8th in Tavares, FL.  This experience has been met with rave reviews from Oz fans and with the 80th anniversary fast approaching, what a great way to begin celebrating!  But only for a limited time. 

For more details and to purchase tickets please follow the link below:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Insight Editions Wizard of Oz Journal Plus Future Releases

A beautiful hard cover journal coming toward the end of June. 192 pages of acid free archival paper.  Also includes a back pocket.  Suggested retail is $18.95. In addition to the journal, there are plans for stationery and layered wood Christmas ornaments. Those items have not been approved and weren't available for viewing at Toy Fair. The journal looks really beautiful so I'm hopeful for more Oz product. 

Once again thanks to Kroffty for Toy Fair sleuthing and a big thank you to Insight Editions for their time. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: Factory Entertainment Wizard of Oz Revos

Please note these are samples only and are subject to change pending licensor approval.  They look great so far and thank goodness Dorothy has blue socks!!!  All the character prototypes weren't ready for Toy Fair but there will be a Scarecrow and a Wicked Witch of the West. If the line proves successful, there are hopes to add other characters.  Factory Entertainment does a wide variety of product and I'd so love to see them really expand with the Oz characters.  As of now, they are scheduled for a third quarter release so that should put us in the July - September area.  They will be released 3 characters at a time and retail for $11.99 each.  It's really exciting to have a new licensee on board with The Wizard of Oz. I'm hoping to see a full show of support from the Oz community.  Judging from the Toy Fair photos the pieces look marvelous!!!  

I am so in love with these little guys!  I can't wait to see the Wicked Witch.  I think the way Toto is posed holding his little paw up is adorable!  So far I'm super happy with these early offerings and I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

BIG THANK YOU to Factory Entertainment for being so generous with photos and information. Your time is much appreciated.

And BIG THANKS to Kroffty Dave for taking time out of his day to confer, converse and otherwise hobnob with licensees and take photos. It's really important to show them Oz is still beloved and we very much want more product.  He is truly a wizard among wizards.  Thank you!!