Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

For Oz collectors 2007 came early with some surprise releases.

Everything Oz Club member Alan Wise found the newly designed 8" Madame Alexander dolls. The storybook styled Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion have been retired to make way for dolls that are styled after the MGM film. Dorothy's appearance remains much the same but she now has a plush Toto and she carries a pair of ruby slippers.

Pebz Zimmerman, also an Everything Oz Club member, found the Barbies had been released early at WalMart. Originally slated for February, collectors were excited to learn of the early release. The dolls were to play music and dialogue from the film, but it appears those plans have been scrapped. The Wicked Witch makes her first appearance in the Barbie line as does the forthcoming Winkie & flying monkey.

Many thanks to these sharp eyed Oz collectors for sharing the wonderful news.

A very cute set of teddy bears came out in December. I do not know what company made the bears, but they do resemble the plush bears made by Cuddle Factory.

There is now a Wicked musical snowglobe available wherever Wicked is playing. Priced at $75 Elphaba is Defying Gravity in the globe with her cape trailing beneath her. The base is a relief design of cogs and wheels with the Wicked logo.

Members of the Tonner Doll Club were treated to a sneak peek of the 2007 line including a new Glinda wearing a blue gown and she has matching blue hair!! She looks beautiful.

Dept. 56 recently announced their spring 2007 line-up. King of the Forest is the new addition to the Hot Properties Collection. New in the bejeweled boxes collection are Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, ruby slippers, and Toto.

More 2007 announcements are expected in the coming days and so far it's not a bad start to the new year!! Stay tuned!