Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Tin Man Fans!

No matter how the Tin Woodman has evolved since 1900, the genial man made entirely of tin remains a favorite Oz persona. His look may change, but his core does not. The man, who laments his lack of a heart, turns out to be nothing but heart. The Nick Chopper of Baum's books was very brave, loyal, and kind. The Tin Man of the MGM film movie is love and compassion personified. The latest incarnate, Wyatt Cain, from Sci-Fi's miniseries Tin Man, discovers he still has the love and compassion within him that he presumed lost forever.

In honor of the DVD release of Tin Man and the sentimental spirit of all tin men, past, present, and future, I kick off a year long salute to the character of the Tin Man. Every month, on or about the 14th, I plan to feature different Tin Man collectibles. What better day to start than Valentine's Day?

Shown below are different portrayals of the Tin Man from 1900 - 2007 and an assortment of Valentines. Click on photos to enlarge.