Sunday, August 03, 2008

Doll Update, New Winkie!!!

New additions to the Annalee line

Petworks was founded in 1998 to develop email software. The art director of the company is also an ardent doll lover so Momoko the fashion doll was born in 2001. Every year the Close Clipped Sheep division of Petworks creates higher end collector dolls. They are more expensive than the mass produced Momokos, but the Close Clipped Sheep dolls are more popular. Several dolls and a clothing collection are announced yearly. The 2008 Spring/Summer collection was inspired by The Wizard of Oz. I believe there are six dolls planned. The dolls and clothing released so far are shown below. Tin Girl and the Cowardly Lion were introduced in June and very quickly sold out from the company and many doll shops. Dorothy is the anniversary doll that will debut at the 7th anniversary Momoko convention and will be sold at dolls shops mid August. The individual Oz dolls are priced at 19,000 yen or approximately $176.50. The Over the Rainbow 7 doll set will be sold only at the anniversary convention this month.

Clothing line: V neck summer sweaters, lace camisoles, and classical booties

And now the piece d'resistance...............from the Tonner Doll of the most incredible renditions of the Winkie Guard, EVER!
He's going to be a super fast seller, no doubt in my mind. The Glinda and Wicked Witch ballerinas are almost sold out from Tonner. You can order these great dolls from Karen Owens But do so quickly. They won't last.