Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Tonner Dolls!

Wow, they just keep coming!! This however, is the final release. Now added to the line are
Chassé down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD, a Dorothy ballerina, and 2008 Basic Wicked Witch of the East. Robyn Bodine emailed me a Tonner article a few weeks ago and it mentioned the Dorothy ballerina. They were still working on her costume so I assumed I had until next year. Personally, I'm very excited. Since I started seeing the Disney ballerinas years ago, I wanted a Dorothy ballerina. Enough of my girlish blathering. Here's the dolls!!

Be sure to scroll down for lots more Oz news. The Charming Tails Collection, A Dorothy Bratz doll, a figurine of Karl Slover from the Yellow Brick Road Shop in Indiana, and the McDonalds Happy Meal toys. It's a great time to love Oz isn't it??? More surprises are sure to be in store so please keep checking back.