Monday, July 27, 2009

Barnes and Noble

Many of you know last year Barnes and Noble had a wonderful Wicked promotion. (For those that didn't see it. It was great to see Wicked merchandise in stores all over the country and a lot of excitement generated among Barnes and Noble patrons. Thinking since last year was so successful, they might be tempted to do an encore I searched the Barnes and Noble site last night and found two new Wicked Calendars to be released this month: A wall calendar (not pictured) and engagement calendar.

We know Barnes and Noble will have the Illustrated Companion to the Wizard of Oz book which looks incredible. Here's a sell sheet posted on The Judy Room for those that haven't seen it yet. I have to wonder if Barnes and Noble might be planning a promotion similar to last year's Wicked promotion. I found these dolls on the Barnes and Noble website made by Madame Alexander. No pricing or release info as yet. These dolls are not featured on Madame Alexander's site which leads me to conclude these dolls could be Barnes and Noble exclusives. Please click on the photo to enlarge. Each doll is 9" tall.