Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IMPORTANT message re: Amazon Pre-Orders

If you pre-ordered the Blu-ray or DVD Ultimate Editions from Amazon you need to re-check your order and make sure it is still valid. Scott Brogan from The Judy Room, www.thejudyroom.com alerted me to a message posted on a Judy Garland yahoo group, The Judy Garland Experience.

"Heads Up If You Pre-Ordered the Wizard of Oz Blu Ray from Amazon.....or the DVD set before they made the deal for the exclusive version. Contact customer service and have your order corrected to avoid problems.The rep who fixed mine said he would pass it on TPTB to fix other peoples orders but better safe than sorry. Avoid the "that item is no longer available-mail" come shipping day.The Wizard of Oz (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition with Digital Copy and Amazon Exclusive Set of 4 Collectible 8x10 Character Posters) had to be added to the order and the original item removed. It linked to a non existent page. The correct/current item didn't show that I'd ordered it."

I checked my Amazon account and sure enough I was taken to a non-existent page as well so I cancelled just to be safe and re-ordered.

Thank you Scott and drealyea