Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kmart Update and FYE Throw

Four Kmart watches for $19.99 each. Packaged in nice display boxes. Located in jewelry and accessories department. Check carefully. All the watches are not in one place.

4 Oz watches in all. Dorothy with ruby slipper charm originally sold through Avon 2007, Emerald City originally sold through Avon 2008, Glinda/Wicked Witch originally sold through Avon 2009, and Wicked Witch with flying monkey charm Kmart 2010.

Kmart anniversary clock now available online:

Beautiful Glinda and Wicked Witch throw arriving at FYE stores now for $19.99. The past two years FYE has also carried Wizard of Oz Christmas stockings so keep an eye out for those!
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Thanks to Lisa Valenti and Lou Berrillo for the info and photo.