Monday, August 06, 2012

Madame Alexander Update

The September issue of Dolls Magazine has a lovely two page spread featuring the Madame Alexander and Marie Osmond dolls.  Author Sharon Verbeten states that while 75th anniversary plans are being kept under wraps for now there will be new dolls for this momentous occasion and in addition Warner Brothers will be announcing a new partner shortly. 

Madame Alexander was purchased by Kahn Lucas, but it will be business as usual.  Actually, better than usual.   Specifics are still closely guarded for the time being.  However, Madame Alexander is very optimistic for the future.   Madame Alexander's Director of Marketing and Licensing, Robynn Delin says "We are very excited about the new parent company as it allows Madame Alexander to continue to design and produce the quality product it had for  90 years.
We are developing new Oz product and continue to carry this line which has been an integral part of the Madame Alexander legacy. We are working with Warner Brothers with several initiatives for the anniversary."

Madame Alexander is in the process of evolving and settling in with Kahn Lucas, but new doll introductions will continue in February of 2013. 

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