Sunday, July 07, 2013

Mondo Posters

Mondo posters are sumptuously illustrated screen printed graphics of the highest quality covering a range of films from beloved classics to current releases.  They are highly collectible works of art produced in strict limited editions.  Many pieces sell out very quickly as evidenced by the Wizard of Oz sale tweets shown below.

Sold out in 1 minute, WOW!!  And no wonder!!! Artist Tom Whalen created a stunning work of the  Emerald City, yellow brick road, our favorite Oz characters, and Toto too!  The Wizard of Oz by Tom Whalen is 24" by 36" and was produced in an edition of 350.  Further, this poster is fully licensed by Warner Brothers. 
More photos can be seen on Mondo's Blog
Part of the collectability of Mondo's posters is the challenge in acquiring them.  Poster sales are announced 24 hours in advance in the Mondo Newsletter.  The following day the sale is announced at a random time via Twitter
Tom Whalen's marvelous piece is sold out but there will be more Oz art coming. Be sure to sign up for Mondo's newsletter and of course watch The Curiozity Corner for more info.  
Be sure to check out Mondo's Archives for more examples of their fabulous posters.  (Please note: there is art for R rated movies so a couple of images are unsuitable for young eyes.)