Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Paper Style Quality

Paper Style was kind enough to send me samples of their stationery.  Quite honestly, I was blown away by the quality.  The pictures and text are clear, crisp, and bright.  And the feel of the cardstock is amazing.  If paper can feel luxurious, then Paper Style has it down pat!  The cards have a very smooth silky, feel to them.  Whatever event you have planned, it's a safe bet to say the cards won't end up in the trash after.  They'd be wonderful mementos.   If you are in need of custom stationery and cards, make Paper Style your go-to place!  They've added more designs and address labels since my last post!

I can not emphasize how beautiful Paper Style's work is enough!  These photos do not do them proper justice.  Any issues in color, clarity, sizing are due to my scanner or BlogSpot.  I haven't cracked open the notepads yet so they are still shrink wrapped.