Friday, September 27, 2013

QVC Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Follow Up

Wow, wow, WOW!!!!   Last night's show was incredible!  All of the allotted inventory for the live show SOLD OUT!  The show was cut a half hour short.  Undoubtedly, The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Show exceeded expectations.  
Special guest host John Fricke, with his usual pithy, personable self, was on hand to entertain with anecdotes and facts from his incredible wealth of knowledge of The Wizard of Oz and Judy Garland. Make sure you check out his new book The Wonderful World of Oz coming soon!!!
The product line up was wonderful and there was truly something for everyone!!  Some items sold so fast they didn't get much air time if any at all.  But not to worry, QVC's live shows are given a certain amount of product. When that is one they are announced as sold out.  On Air.  You can still go to QVC's website to view and order from The Wizard of Oz line.  The jewelry, shower gels, and nail polish are all exclusive to QVC.  And the packaging!!!!!  Julep and Jacmel's packaging is incredibly beautiful!  They went above and beyond to present their product.  If you missed the show last night, many items on the Wizard of Oz page have video clips.  WATCH THEM!!!  Everything is SO much more beautiful on video and I'm sure everything will be just gorgeous in person.   I also rather liked Philosophy's bottles.  Once the gel runs out I plan to get glass beads from a craft store to fill the bottles with so I can keep them as a collectible.  The ruby slippers jewelry was all VERY nicely done and it was really neat how Jacmel made the ruby slippers three dimensional so the ruby slippers can stand on their own.  This will allow them to display beautifully for collectors who have their jewelry in display cases.  The Official 75th Anniversary Companion by William Stillman and Jay Scarfone is a marvel unto itself.  I hope QVC will get a video clip up of the book.  It's going to be a MUST HAVE. A lot of thought and reverence for The Wizard of Oz went into this anniversary product and it shows. 
Congratulations and thank you to Warner Brothers, QVC, all the licensees that participated, and John Fricke for a job well done!!!  You've made the QVC Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Show an event to remember!!
**Retailers, current and potential licensees......I hope you were watching and paying attention.  The Wizard of Oz is more popular than ever and people want Oz!!!**