Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Life Magazine Special

Just released beautifully illustrated Life Magazine special saluting 75 years of The Wizard of Oz !!!!
112 page paperback covering all of Oz's history from the publication of  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to the successful stage show of 1903 to Wicked to Oz the Great and Powerful with the main focus on the 1939 movie.  Retails for $12.99 wherever magazines are sold. 
Coming September 2014:
176 pages
September 16 2014
A national classic's take on a national classic; LIFE is where people learned about The Wizard of Oz, and where they will celebrate it anew

When LIFE was founded in 1936, in the years before the U.S. entered World War II, Hollywood was one of our preeminent beats. We were all over the Hollywood; in fact LIFE is where people first learned about the Wizard of Oz and its soon-to-be starlet, Judy Garland-a dear friend of LIFE's. All of the behind-the-scenes photography of the film shoot-including wonderful photography from the Culver City set and also of the music being recorded-is in this commemorative 75th anniversary book, as are intimate pictures of the stars and their families.

When the movie launched, there were events-photographed-that most fans don't know about; for instance, Judy Garland and her friend and regular co-star Mickey Rooney performed live on stage after evening performances in New York City for the first three weeks of the movie's run. And yet, the movie wasn't a smash its first year out: its greatness unrecognized in a year filled with great movies. All of this trivia will be part of our book too, making ours the volume a fan would need to have. The volume may also include commentary by TIME movie critic Richard Corliss and a piece by Gregory Maguire, the novelist who wrote Wicked.

LIFE will give its authoritative take on a national classic, not only covering the history of the movie, but also exploring the legends, lore and also the affect of the movie on the nation's film industry and culture (it was one of the first color films).
A behind-the-scenes look at the Wizard of Oz, including rare and unseen photographs
Explores the impact of the movie on America's culture and film industry
Unpublished Judy Garland portraits
Contributions from friends of LIFE, including Richard Corliss and Gregory Maguire