Saturday, February 18, 2017

TOY FAIR 2017: Masterpieces Puzzle Co., Madame Alexander, and BLEACHER CREATURES

Glinda was introduced last year but didn't make it out. She's still coming.  Oz doll fans just have to be patient a little longer.   Unfortunately, the new 7 inch dolls were not on display.

Masterpieces Puzzle Company had their two new puzzles and the FABULOUS Emerald City-opoly!!!  All are shipping to stores now. 

And Bleacher Creatures has revealed four of their 5 Wizard of Oz characters.  The Cowardly Lion must have been true to his name and chosen to hide away from the crowds. I've been waiting a year to see these and they were totally worth the wait!!!  I'm sure they'll look even better in person.  I hope they'll add a Toto, Glinda, Winged Monkey, a Winkie Guard, and the Wizard, but especially Toto!!!  Coming around September and should be priced in the $20 range. 

BIG HUGE GIGANTIC Thanks to my Toy Fair photographer Dave McKroffterson!!!