Monday, September 25, 2017

Wizard of Oz Collectors Edition Magazine

From the publishers of Closer Weekly.  Available darn near everywhere magazines are sold.   I haven't had time to read this cover to cover but I did take a good perusal last night.  There are a couple of things that made me cringe, but overall a very, VERY nice magazine and I'd recommend it.  This magazine covers so many facets of Oz.  There are sections on the major cast members,  movies, television, animated Oz, comics, memorabilia, L. Frank Baum, Wicked the musical.  It's really beautifully put together.  It's a great introduction for those new to Oz.  $9.99.

My major problems with it are: The "fun" fact on Judy Garland.  Really??  How is that fun?? Or appropriate for an Oz magazine? It may not even be fact at all.  They could have picked a million other little facts for that.  Toto in George Washington Slept Here......I saw the movie, I'm not buying it. Why would they lighten his color every day? It had nothing to do with the movie.  If someone wants to correct me and convince me, please do, I'm open, but there's plenty of other Toto movies they could have highlighted.  There's a picture of stage actress Anna Laughlin that I really do not believe is her. Again, I'm open to convincing.  And the last thing that kind of bothered me was the inclusion of Lost Girls in the comic section. I haven't read it but I've seen a bit of it and that gets downright pornographic.  I just feel a Wizard of Oz magazine is likely to attract children and that comic could have been left out.  Also I wish these magazines would include regular collectibles instead of the auction items all the time.  There's plenty of current Oz collectibles that the average person can attain.  

Minor quibbles aside, it's a wonderful effort and I hope to see more like it.  Closer Weekly features Oz and Judy so frequently, I hope they do a Judy Garland issue.