Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mego Wizard of Oz

Target announced July 11th they would be exclusive distributors of Mego's invigorated and much beloved line of action figures.  

The figures made their debut at San Diego Comic Con with select styles available in limited quantities.  Pop Culture enthusiasts and Mego collectors weren't the only ones ready to welcome Mego's return with open arms.  The excitement in the Oz community was palpable. Would Mego revisit Oz????

After two months of finger crossing, breath holding, some leaked news and rumors, it was confirmed, YES!!  Mego is taking another journey down the yellow brick road!!!!!!!  

A Dorothy/Wicked Witch of the West set will be available on Target.com and in Target stores on Sept. 29th.  Though that is the official release date some Targets have jumped the gun and began selling figures early so check with your local stores.  

Dorothy and the Wicked Witch will soon be followed by the Cowardly Lion.  So keep a sharp eye out!!!

SRP: $29.99
Photo Courtesy Kevin Fiore