Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Origami Owl Emerald City

There's Emerald City!!  Oh,we're finally there, at last, at last!!!
(paraphrased to fit the occasion)

Click above to order from the Land of Oz, Munchkinland, and Emerald City

What fun this has been!! It's wonderful to see the Oz community so enthusiastic and embracing Origami Owl with open arms and also Origami Owl for being so welcoming to us in return!

A few more items have gone out of stock since my last post. 

Glinda Charm - Restock Week of June 24th
Munchkin Mayor Charm - Restock Week of June 24th
Rainbow Charm - Restock Week of June 17th

The Wizard of Oz Large Gold Yellow Brick Road Window Plate is out of stock.  Some designers say this will not be re-ordered. I hope they reconsider since reorders were placed on the first two collections.

Thank you to Origami Owl for the care and creativity and heart they've put into their Oz collections.

It's been an absolute joy to see so many in the Oz community come together to share this 80th anniversary experience!! 

Thank you to Cathy Gough for photos and info