Monday, March 10, 2008

March Tin Man Entry

To the best of my knowledge, there is no mass market merchandise other than the March 11 DVD release and the CD soundtrack. However, last summer the Sci Fi Channel launched an impressive advertising blitz. Please click photos to enlarge.

Comic books and candy pop rings were giveaways at Comic and Sci Fi conventions.

Various posters and banners heralding Tin Man's December premiere were displayed prominently in large cities around the country. The most ingenious display was at the Los Angeles International Airport combining the new characters from Tin Man with a little piece of familiarity from the original Oz story. Photo courtesy of Deb Dwyer Moderator of the Everything Oz Club

I don't know how the yellow brick was distributed, but one was sold on eBay. The text on the brick prompts you to visit Sci Fi's official Tin Man site.

In the weeks leading up to the mini series' debut the Sci Fi Channel distributed comics, t-shirts, and boxed board games for promotional giveaways.

Tin Man's extravagant press kit included a folder with press info and 2 screener DVDs, the board game, and a 31 page booklet with photos from the film and behind the scenes.

Another rare item is a set of 7 promotional trading cards. Each card pictured a Tin Man ad on it's reverse.

Entertainment Magazines published various ads and reviews. Videography, TV Zone #222, Starlog #362, and Sci Fi Magazine's December 2007 issue ran full length features. Tin Man was also the cover story for many television newspaper supplements.

Tin Man was a smashing success for the Sci Fi Channel and I expect the DVD release to be just as popular. I hope Sci Fi will be prompted to grant licensing for Tin Man merchandise.