Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barnes and Noble Update

Mark your calendars! The official launch for the Barnes and Noble Wizard of Oz table and smaller Wicked table is September 15th but some stores may set up a few days early. Hopefully, the book pictured below will be in stock for people heading to the Chesterton Oz Fest on the 18th. I know author John Fricke would be delighted to autograph these beauties.

In addition to the book, some dolls and exclusive puzzles were listed on Barnes and Noble's website. The puzzles have been removed but it's expected they'll be back up soon. You can see the dolls and one of the new Wicked calendars here. And here's a photo of last year's Wicked table display. I'm hoping Oz gets the same treatment this year.

Thanks to Lou Berrillo for the heads up!