Monday, October 20, 2014

Connections from Hallmark Ruby Slipper Charm

Hallmark Wizard of Oz items are very, very popular and it's been a delight to watch Hallmark expand the Oz line over the years from greeting cards to ornaments to gifts and plush and now jewelry.   The jewelry is produced by Jacmel.  Oz fans should remember Jacmel from the wonderful line of jewelry they created for QVC and the Walmart exclusive 75th Anniversary Dorothy piggy bank.  The Ruby Slipper charm is exclusive to Walmart.  Since the Oz jewelry line has done so well for Jacmel it wouldn't be surprising to see more from them soon.  

The charm is $18.00 and can be ordered on or you can search your local Walmart store for availability.  

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And don't forget the sneak peek for next year!