Monday, December 03, 2018

Coach Outlet Wizard of Oz Collection

 I apologize for not getting this news up in a more timely manner but this was such a total, HUGE surprise and happened so fast!  But fear not.  There's multiple ways to still get what you want.  

Coach, who makes designer purses and accessories just debuted a fabulous Wizard of Oz line!!!!!  Their pieces are unmistakably Coach with Wizard of Oz flair.  

Oz fans are enthusiastically flocking to Coach Outlet stores nationwide. It's marvelous to see pictures of their new treasures on Facebook.  

Go to and sign up to view the collection.  If what you want is marked sold out, print up a wishlist and go to your local outlet where they should be able to order for you.  It's also been reported you can call stores all around the country and they will ship to you.  Certainly can't hurt to try.  

I haven't seen any pieces in person myself but the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive from both Oz and Coach collectors.  

It's been fun to see the Oz community come together to share a singular joy like this.  

Merry Christm'Oz!!!  

I'd like to thank Coach for releasing their Wizard of Oz line through the outlet channels so the collection is more accessible to the average Oz fan.