Monday, December 03, 2018

Ruby Slippers Of Oz: Thirty Years Later

A follow up to the fantastic Ruby Slippers of Oz book originally published in 1989 has been highly anticipated for years and here it finally is!!!  And at such an absolutely perfect time!  The Ruby Slippers are back on display at the Smithsonian after conservation efforts, the Ruby Slippers stolen 13 years ago have been recovered, and the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz is almost upon us.  

The original book was such a fascinating intrigue and the new one will surely be no less.  All the adventures the ruby slippers have had the past 80 years!!!!  This book is a most for film buffs, movie memorabilia collectors and Oz fans who still believe the ruby slippers have the power to bring you home.  

Big thanks to Philip Bambarger for keep Oz fans abreast of the latest ruby slipper happenings. Be sure to check out the story of Glinda's wand too. Nothing short of amazing.  It is also on display with the ruby slippers right now.